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Attorney-at-law Cena Strezoska: The Passion for Law

"I cannot imagine myself working in any other profession that is not related to law."

You speak about law with an enormous amount of love. When did you first fall in love with law?

When exactly the love for law came, I cannot tell, maybe during high school, when I had to make a choice about my future profession. The fact that I am a communicative person, as well as my love for social studies, probably paved the way for choosing the Faculty of Law, and thus the profession of an attorney-at-law in the future. From today’s point of view, I consider the choice I made the right one since I cannot imagine myself working in any other profession that is not related to law.

What made you open your own law office?

The decision to open my own law office was neither easy nor quick to make. After the acquired experience of 12 years, of which 6 years working in two notary offices and 6 years as an in-house lawyer in a company engaged with hotel business, I decided that it was time to take this step. At this moment, I consider that I made the decision to open my own law office on time, that it was not rushed, and that it was the right choice. I believe that by doing my work I have the ability to contribute and that I actually am contributing to the advancement of this profession.

You live and work in Ohrid. What is it like to be an attorney-at-law in Ohrid?

Being an attorney-at-law in Ohrid is truly challenging because there is a lot of competition. It is a small city with a large number of attorneys-at-law. Taking into consideration that it is a small city, it is almost impossible to work only a certain area of the law. In my work so far, most of the cases I work on are in the field of civil law. I especially want to mention that, despite the great competition, there is still collegiality between the attorneys-at-law in Ohrid and I would not like to single out anyone in particular so as not to miss anyone, but since the opening of my law office until today, all the attorneys-at-law who have been in this profession for a long time, and to whom I have turned for advice or any help, have selflessly shared their experience, for which I am especially grateful.

What kind of advice would you give to the younger colleagues?

I would advise the younger colleagues not to give up and to constantly follow the news in law, as well as the development of technology, which enormously facilitates the work process.


Translated by: Emilija Kuzmanovska