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Dear readers,

It is our great pleasure to inform you that the new Akademika (www.akademika.mk) – complete online database of Macedonian legislation in force, will be available starting tomorrow, 8.6.2023. It will have the same, highest quality, but a different, new look. We used up-to-date technological solutions in building this version of Akademika.

After more than 14 years of successful operation and satisfied customers, the time has come to upgrade Akademika.

We put our best efforts towards maintaining, as much as possible, the design our customers are used to in these past 14 years and not to diminish the easiness of its everyday use. But, at the same time, we added new functions and features that increase the search speed and getting the results, additional search criteria, lists of latest, frequent searches, list of recently added documents, etc. which we believe will be very useful for you.

The top quality products and customer satisfaction remains our priority and we strongly believe that the new and improved Akademika will confirm this.